19 February, 2016, 7pm at Cafe Oto

Salvatore Arancio, Verity Birt, Richard Forbes-Hamilton, R Elizabeth, U, Austin Charles Williams

South Kiosk and Where To Now present Teleonomy, an evening of one-off, collaborative AV performances by artists and musicians.

About Teleonomy

Three visual artists selected by South Kiosk have been individually paired with three sound artists/musicians selected by experimental record label Where To Now. This pairing process intended to bring together artists who have never worked together before and who utilise different mediums from one other, but whose work follows similar or correlating lines of enquiry.

Taking place at Cafe Oto on February 19th, Teleonomy will consist of performances responding to the structures and functions innate to living organisms that are brought about by natural laws. Instincts, reactions and internal clocks all contribute to a gradual evolutionary process that perpetuates our species. Opening the evening, Austin Charles Williams and Richard Forbes-Hamilton will investigate notions of love and desire through an improvised, live interpretation of each others’ work.

Salvatore Arancio and R Elizabeth’s performance will incorporate found footage of experiments examining the reactions of plants and animals. Through Arancio’s digital manipulation and R Elizabeth’s tape-loops and field recordings, the projected film is transformed into a hypnotic and psychedelic reinterpretation of the original footage.

Closing the evening, Verity Birt and U will present a new work entitled Rites of The Zeigeber, which utilises monolithic CRT totems to demonstrate the meeting of past durations with infinite future vacuums. Time bends from matter, history is up-set and the clock is obsolete. In this chaos, we honour the Zeitgeber, the mysterious time giver: the continuum. The past is now, and the future is behind us.

Tickets for Teleonomy are available here.



2015 Chelsea Prize Winner: Faron Ray

Congratulations to Faron Ray, winner of South Kiosk’s annual Chelsea Prize. We look forward to working with him in the coming months.

Art Rotterdam

From the 5th to 9th of February 2015, South Kiosk will be exhibiting a solo presentation of Dominic Hawgood, winner of the British Journal of Photography’s International Photography Award, at Art Rotterdam.

We have a number of complimentary tickets available. If you are interested in attending the fair please email info[@]southkiosk[dot]com.

London Art Fair

For the London Art Fair (21-25 January 2015), South Kiosk will be exhibiting work by James Bulley, Alicja Dobrucka, Felicity Hammond, Dominic Hawgood and Joachim Sefzick. The work of these five artists will suggest a metropolis in a state of flux, where technological progress and economic change creates a landscape that is undergoing rapid transformation.

We have a number of complimentary tickets available. If you are interested in attending the fair please email info[@]southkiosk[dot]com.

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