May 15 - June 20, 2014
Preview: May 14

Chronovisor: Archive
Johann Arens, Verity Birt, Rowena Harris, Cathy Haynes, Patrick Hough, Mirko Smerdel

South Kiosk return to the thematic of the Chronovisor as a means to explore notions of time and artifice through the suggestion of an archive made up of problematic evidence.

About Chronovisor: Archive

The Chronovisor was a viewing machine whose eye could travel through time, displaying images and footage of different moments throughout history. It was allegedly created in the 1960s by the Venetian Roman Catholic priest Father Pellegrino Ernetti who worked alongside twelve supposedly world famous scientists. Ernetti described how, crowded around their invention, the group watched speeches by Mussolini and Napoleon, scenes from ancient Rome, even the last days of Christ. However, Father Ernetti slipped away from the public eye, when it was suggested that their photo of Christ on the cross was a reversed image of a postcard from the Santuario dell’Amore Misericordioso. He neither confirmed, nor denied the existence of the machine. Somewhere in the Vatican, could exist an archive of results and research material that might offer clues to the existence and/or mechanics of the Chronovisor.

Having previously attempted to construct an interpretation of the Chronovisior in collaboration with nine artists, South Kiosk intend to return to the thematic of the Chronovisor as a means to explore notions of time and artifice through the suggestion of an archive made up of problematic evidence, obfuscating historical context.

Using a device which is capable, according to it’s creator, to show the life-force or aura of its subject, Mirko Smerdel photographs the detail of a publication detailing and describing the Gamma 60 electronic computer, a device that was operating at the same time as Ernetti’s Chronovisor.

Rowena Harris’ sculptural piece, Haul, is a series of concrete blocks with handprints embedded into the material, suggesting the trace of an imperceptible action. Blurred experiences are also present in Johann Arens’ Manual, which uses imagery that recalls Google street view, intercepted with a gesture that subverts its functionality.

Notions of time and history reoccur throughout the show. Whilst Cathy Haynes’ practice explores methods for mapping time, Verity Birt incorporates different film stocks and archive footage into her moving image work, creating the sensation of time-travel anchored by repeated gestures and familiar objects. Patrick Hough’s Object Interviews offer alternative interpretations of objects that mimic historical artefacts, showing how these objects develop their own subjective narratives in the process.



Theory of Concentric Spheres

The Theory of Concentric Spheres featuring Alan Warburton, Naheed Raza, Oliver Laric, Rosie Carr and Jayoon Choi opens Thursday 14th March 2019 (PV 6.30 till 9). Screening of Ben Rivers URTH on Thursday 21st March.

Resonate 2018

South Kiosk will be programming the film programme at this years Resonate festival – 18th to 21st April. More news to follow

The Jump Room

Friday 1st December 7pm South Kiosk presents ‘The Jump Room’ by Richard Whitby. Produced in partnership with The Old Waterworks, Southend

Togetherness: Notes on Outrage, opens September 09 at Kestle Barton, Cornwall.

Visit Kestle Barton this September 09 – November 04 for Togetherness: Notes on Outrage featuring new works by artists Felicity Hammond, Polly Tootal and Shaun C Badham. Alongside temporary works and film screenings from artists Joseph Townshend, Catherine Yass, Jason Wood, Mark Jenkin, Matthew Burgess and Tom Crawford.

Corrupt Blood Incident, Preview 6 July, 6:30pm

South Kiosk is excited to present the Corrupt Blood Incident, a group show exploring the themes of landscape, digital failure, monsters and viral transmission. Join us for drinks at the opening from 6:30pm, 6 July 2017

Event: Susie Browning and Lisanne Goodhue, Saturday 25, 6-7:30pm

Please join us this Saturday for a special one-off performance in Sebastian Kite’s installation by dancers Susie Browning and Lisanne Goodhue, 6-7:30pm. The event is free to attend, no booking required. South Kiosk will also be operating extended opening hours 12-7:30pm for the performance Saturday 25.02.17, 12-7:30pm.

We will meet in the place where there is no darkness

South Kiosk is pleased to announce our next exhibition is Sebastian Kite: We will meet in the place where there is no darkness. A site-specific installation exploring the relationship between space, light and sound – Opening 9th February 6pm.

Preview: 9th February 2017, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: 10 February – 04 March 2017
Opening hours: Thurs-Sat, 12-6pm

And the Earth Screamed, Alive

South Kiosk is pleased to present And the Earth Screamed, Alive*, a solo exhibition by Emma Charles, featuring a multi screen expanded installation of her 16mm film White Mountain.

Private View: 20th October 2016, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: 21 October – 19 November 2016
Opening hours: Thurs-Sat, 12-6pm

‘Togetherness: Notes on Outrage’ Opens 30th June

South Kiosk is pleased to present Togetherness: Notes on Outrage.

PV Thursday 30th June, exhibition continues 1st through to 21st July

Omgyjer Glusek, Friday 20th May

As part of Peckham 24 Photo Festival, South Kiosk presents an hour long programme of films featuring the work of four visual artists with strong links to the Cornish peninsula. More here

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