July 22 - September 6
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South Kiosk Summer Screen

South Kiosk will be turning its gallery into a screening space, for a series of one-off events taking place over the course of latter summer months. 

About South Kiosk Summer Screen

Tuesday July 22nd – David Blair ‘Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees’

For their first event, South Kiosk are excited to be showing Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees (1992) by David Blair. Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees is an independent feature film (featuring a cameo by William Burroughs), that takes the viewer through a world of supernormal photography, flight simulation, Mesopotamian bees and telepathic communication. Transferred to a digital format from a VCR format, Wax was the first film to have been streamed on the Internet, and was also the first to have been re-formatted as hypertext and posted online.

Tuesday August 5th – Oscillate Wildly: Video Feedback and Analogue Visuals 
Featuring work by James Alec Hardy, Phil Baljeu, Will Cenci, Greg Zifcak, Dan Sandin

For Oscillate Wildly, South Kiosk will work with a number of artists, musicians and technologists to construct an immersive installation of flickering CRT surfaces. The various works will offer up a series of experiments in visual mutation through analogue processes, and the degradation of video signal and the VHS tape format. These different approaches offer perspective on a particular branch of filmmaking, and sonic experimentation.

August 20th – Centralia: An Evening of Artist Video and Film Screenings
Featuring work by Emma Charles, Cressida Kocienski, Maurits Koster & Kasper Jacobs, Tobias Revell, Emily Richardson

Centralia is a near-ghost town in Pennsylvania USA, whose population has dwindled from 1,000 residents to 10, as a result of a mine fire that has been burning beneath the borough since 1962. The artists films screened on the evening of 20th have been selected based upon the themes explored within their narratives. Delving into hidden, subterranean spaces and across desolate landscapes we are encouraged to imagine how new futures and communities might emerge.

September 5th – Daniel Jones ‘Reordering 1 (Sans Soleil)’

South Kiosk is excited to be screening Daniel Jones’ Ordering #1 (Sans/Soleil), a reworking of Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil (1983) in which the film’s frames are sorted in order of luminosity. A prolonged viewing dispels the suggestion that the re-ordering is chaotic. Patterns and structures being to emerge, as the film moves from the darkest frames of its opening to those of maximal brightness.

September 6th – Thomson & Craighead ‘The Time Machine in alphabetical order’

The Time Machine In alphabetical order is a complete rendition of the 1960’s film version of the HG Wells Novella, re-edited by Thomson & Craighead into alphabetical order from beginning to end. In doing so, the artists attempt to perform a kind of time travel on the movie’s original time-line through the use of a system of classification.



Omgyjer Glusek, Friday 20th May

As part of Peckham 24 Photo Festival, South Kiosk presents an hour long programme of films featuring the work of four visual artists with strong links to the Cornish peninsula. More here

Dark Adaptation Part I

Open now during normal gallery hours also open as part of Peckham 24 late night Friday 20th May

South Kiosk Reopening 11th May 2016

South Kiosk is currently closed for install and will reopen the 11th May 2016. Please contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding forthcoming shows and opening times.

Eminent Domain now open

Gallery open Wednesday to Friday 11am to 6pm and Saturday 12pm to 4pm

Teleonomy – Tonight at Cafe Oto

Three visual artists selected by South Kiosk have been individually paired with three sound artists/musicians selected by experimental record label Where To Now.

Tickets for Teleonomy are available here.

South Kiosk Announces Teleonomy

South Kiosk and Where To Now present Teleonomy, an evening of one-off, collaborative AV performances by artists and musicians.


South Kiosk at Unseen Photo Fair

We’ll be at Unseen Photo Fair again this year featuring works from Felicity Hammond and Polly Tootal.

Dates 18-20th September.

All artists work can be seen here at Artsy.

South Kiosk Prize: Camberwell College of Art

Congratulations to Jake Biernat from MA Fine Art Digital for winning this years inaugural prize.

More on Jake’s work and the course here

2015 Chelsea Prize Winner: Faron Ray

Congratulations to Faron Ray, winner of South Kiosk’s annual Chelsea Prize. We look forward to working with him in the coming months.

Art Rotterdam

From the 5th to 9th of February 2015, South Kiosk will be exhibiting a solo presentation of Dominic Hawgood, winner of the British Journal of Photography’s International Photography Award, at Art Rotterdam.

We have a number of complimentary tickets available. If you are interested in attending the fair please email info[@]southkiosk[dot]com.

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